KLOTZ fiber optic

FiberLink cable

KLOTZ AIS manufactures the FiberLink cable series especially for mobile applications. The cables are already assembled and ready for immediate use. Their extreme robustness is explained by the use of a thick PUR outer sheath and a generous aramid reinforcement. As one of the few companies we are certified to assemble opticalCON DUO Advanced connectors, of course also our own KLOTZ SmartBeam connectors with two, four and 8 lenses, as well as our SmartBeam MINI.

The proven hermaphrodite SmartBeam Expanded Beam connector is suitable for climatically harsh environments. Thanks to its undirected connection technology, the cable can be laid without restriction, as no direction has to be observed.

The Expanded Beam connector is insensitive because there is no physical fiber contact and the construction makes contamination more difficult. Tested for over 3000 mating cycles, the long-term stable insertion loss of the connector pays off positively. It is available for two, four or eight multimode or single-mode fibers and is therefore suitable for all audio, video or TV and data transmissions in industrial and military applications. The connector is compatible with international standards and systems such as Fiberfox, Stratos, Optocore, Eurolens, Optocon or FibreCast™.

In combination with our FiberLink ULTRA mobile cables (in the quality of tactical fiber optic cables), this results in extremely robust, reliable connection solutions.