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fiber optic solutions for audio

Audio over IP are the magic words in the pro sound sector. The technology delivers maximum data volumes plus maximum flexibility in use. Optical fibre cables eliminate all those external sources of interference that cause problems like ground loops. The result is just sound, pure and simple!

fiber optic solutions for video

Today’s live TV broadcasting, such as sports events, features added extras like streaming and multimedia content. That adds up to huge volumes of data. Optical fibre cables are significantly superior to conventional copper cables in this respect, offering superb transfer rates and high mechanical resilience.

fiber optic solutions for networks

Optical fibre is the ultimate solution for data technology in general, and media production in particular. The ideal choice for transmitting very high data volumes that occur under the modern standards UHD 4k and ATSC 3.0.

fiber optic solutions for lighting

Digital lighting control (DMX) is another area where data volumes are soaring in step with the trend for more lights, more effects, more show. Optical fibre cables are the ideal complement to the flexible DMX format. Their low diameters, extensive range and superb transmission ratings make them the perfect choice, especially for large stages.